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Arne Jacobsen Lamps

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Arne Jacobsen has in a period from the early 1930s until 1971, designed a number of different lamps. From floor lamps to wall lamps and ceiling lamps, they all come from his creative mind.


Ceiling, wall and floor lamps in clever design

Most of his design lamps have been designed in a way that the light is only going in one direction, to not disturb others with the light. He never compromised with anything and he always designed every part of his projects himself. Thus, there is nothing random in his different lamp designs.


On this website you can read more about the different AJ lamps:


Other aspects of the Danish designer's lamps, such as:

  • Second-hand or copy
  • Prices
  • Sales or offers?
  • AJ lamps – the popular series

One of the most popular series, is the AJ series which was designed in connection with the SAS Royal Hotel in the 1950s. The series is an elegant and modernistic lamp series, which in line with his architectural style has the sharp and very characteristic straight and minimalistic lines, mixed with odd angles and thoughtful details. Among other things, some of the lamps has a built in room for an ashtray.


Second-hand lamps 

If you are more into patina and do not mind a couple of scratches, you might consider buying an Arne Jacobsen lamp second-hand. Because of the high quality they last for many years, and therefore it is possible to find them on eBay or similar websites which advertise with second-hand lamps and other interior.

A second-hand AJ wall lamp can at best, be almost like new, but can also have some defects, so always make sure to check functionality and appearance. This is of course also the case if you buy a second-hand pendant, floor lamp or table lamp.


How to decorate your interior with a copy of an AJ lamp?

The different lamp designs by Arne Jacobsen are light and elegant without being boring in any way. Every detail is well thought through, making the overall impression beautiful, stylish and functional. For this reason they have become true classics. The same light and elegant style of course also applies if you buy a reproduction.

The beautiful Arne Jacobsen reproduced lamps fits perfectly into stylish Danish homes, where one wish to reflect great style and at the same time have a great lighting which is functional and fits into most décor styles. The possibilities for their use in your home is endless.


Different types of lighting from Arne Jacobsen's drawing board

Choose between different types of lighting among Arne Jacobsen's lamps; e.g. table lamps, floor lamp, ceiling lamps or wall lamps.


Ceiling lamps, e.g. AJ Royal

Due to the modern and elegant design of the lamps, they can provide a sleek and stylish look in every room. Maybe you want to decorate with the beautiful AJ Royal ceiling lamp, which can be placed over the dining table and provide a nice and pleasant light. For example, use it together with a nice wooden table and elegant chairs in a sharp design and get a nice dining area.


Wall lamps e.g. Bellevue

If you need light at your desk or a bed lamp, then the beautiful wall lamps AJ 'Wall' or 'Bellevue' be a great option. They emit downward directed light which gives you a functional and comfortable light. The lamps have a sharp design and fits perfectly into any stylish décor. Arne Jacobsen's wall lamps can lift up a room with their sleek style and modern elegance. They are available in various colours to exactly fit your needs.


Table lamps designed for SAS Royal

Regarding table lamps, you can, among other, obtain the AJ 'Table' which is part of the AJ series. These were also designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in the late 1950s.


Prices according to your choices

Are you dreaming about buying a AJ lamp on sale? Unfortunately, Arne Jacobsen's lamps are almost never on sale, since the design is so popular and timeless, the reseller do not have to lower the prices to get them sold.

Instead of waiting for e.g. a AJ floor lamp to be on sale, you can consider buying a second-hand or a copy if you are very price conscious.

You can compare prices on e.g. PriceRunner, but to give an example of prices for some of the Danish designer's lighting pearls, it may look like this:

New original from Louis Poulsen: 5.795kr. (£679 / $874)

Copy from Ireland: €228 (1.700kr. / £199 / $256)


Copy of Arne Jacobsen's lamps

Arne Jacobsen was one of Denmark's greatest designer and architects. His designs have been popular for many years and are among some of the great classics in Danish design. However, they are often quite expensive and can be difficult for everyone to obtain. Fortunately you can buy a copy so you can enjoy this great design without going bankrupt. With the many reproduction possibilities, you can create your very own unique style which expresses your personality and your lifestyle.

 Create a home with character and great Danish style which never goes out of fashion, with a copy of Arne Jacobsen's lamps. Maybe you need more than one lamp? With the low prices of reproduced lamps, you can decorate your entire home and create beautiful lighting in all rooms. Choose the types that fits with your style and the function you need and enjoy this amazing design.


There are no products in this collection.