Corona Chair | Cashmere

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  • Inspired by Poul Volther design, 1964
  • Also available in Leather version
  • 14 days full satisfaction or money back
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Corona Chair | Leather

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  • Inspired by Poul Volther design, 1964
  • Also available in Cashmere version
  • 14 days full satisfaction or money back
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The Corona Chair

The Corona chair was designed by Poul M. Volther in 1964. This sculptural chair is available in several variants of wool or leather and colours such as, among others, black, white and red. In addition, various special editions exist, such as the anniversary model in a brown natural leather upholstery.

The original version of the chair is very popular and therefore, quite expensive. That’s why, many Danish people choose to buy a second-hand chair. On this website you can read more about different options to save money on a stylish design icon for your home or office.

•  Sculptural and unique design
•  Colour variations like red, white, black and brown
•  Wool or leather

Corona Chair in red, black, white leather – or wool

Which finish do you want for your chair? First you have to choose if you want wool or leather upholstery. Subsequently, the colour. Are you into more bold and bright colours?Then you should pick a chair with wool upholstery, since you get much more colours to choose from. The leather models will provide a classic look in black or white.

Dimensions of the chair?

The chair has been designed with following dimensions:

Width: 88 cm

Depth: 82 cm

Height: 97 cm.

Corona with foot stool

If you want as much comfort as possible, typically if you are using the chair for relaxing in the evening, you can peak the experience by also purchasing a foot stool. Namely the foot stool which Volther designed specifically for the Corona chair. The foot stool can be purchased together with the chair if that is what you wish. However, the chair is very comfortable, also without the foot stool.

Corona chair as second-hand

The advantage of a second-hand chair is that it has patina. The disadvantages are that you cannot be sure what condition the chair is in and therefore do not know how long it will last. At the same time, a lot of effort is associated with buying second-hand, since you need to keep an eye on  various websites, drive to the seller and possibly drive home again empty handed, if it does not meet your standards.

Is the Corona chair going to be on sale?

No, if you want to buy the chair at a cheaper price, you should consider a second-hand version. Popular design chairs like this, will never be on sale, just as it is in general is a rare case with branded products. Furniture resellers does not have to lower the price since they are so popular. Obviously, it never hurts to look around, you might get lucky and find the Corona chair on sale somewhere.

Prices: The lounge chair as original or second-hand

How much does a Corona chair cost? That depends on which model you choose, as natural leather, for example, is more expensive than wool. Then it depends whether you choose to buy a replica-chair, a second-hand or an original. We have collected some prices to give you an idea of the price levels. However, we cannot include a concrete price for a second-hand chair, since this depends on the seller and the condition of the chair.

Original with alpha leather: around 25.000 (£2900 / $3775)

The Corona chair perfect for the living room

A Corona chair will fit perfectly in various places of the home – wherever you want this light and artistic design to embellish. It may be at the coffee table, in a nook or along the wall in front of the window, with lots of light and space around, so that the design may really come into its own.


A special edition of the Corona chair was designed for the chair’s anniversary. A cognac coloured natural leather to celebrate the anniversary and the huge popularity this iconic chair has had over the years.

The classic version is always popular, but all the variants help create innovation too, and the anniversary edition was produced in a relatively low number, so they were something quite special to own. The anniversary edition cost around 50.000kr. (£5800 / $7550).

A child of the 1960s Danish furniture design

Poul M. Volther his Corona chair in 1964, where it immediately aroused great enthusiasm. The chair got its name from the wreath or corona that can be seen around the sun during a full solar eclipse.

The story goes, that Volther and the furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen was in the process of  finalizing the Corona chair on a summer day in the early 1960s. Here they also had a chance to see a solar eclipse, and it seems that it was the luminous wreath around the sun that was the inspiration for the name.

The chair is designed with three pieces in the back which visually almost floats on the steel frame. This gives the chair its light and beautiful expression. It is the organic shapes, modern look and play with the colours that are special for Volther.

Poul M. Volther’s eye for the details

Volther was a qualified cabinetmaker and he had a special eye for detail and focus on quality, both in materials and design. This is particularly evident in the Corona chair, for which there is a broad agreement, is his greatest masterpiece within his furniture production.

Volther supplemented his cabinetmaker education by also studying at the Danish Design School, and here he also was a teacher for several years and has influenced hundreds of  young artists in Danish furniture design. Thus, it is not only through this popular chair that his fingerprint are set in Danish and international homes.

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