Eames Rocking Chair

Eames Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

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Charles and Ray Eames launched the rocking chair RAR in 2004. It is a rocking version of their popular DAR armchair. This means the shell / seat, but on a rocker base. The comfortable plastic shell adjust just enough to the body, that it is both comfortable and also give you the necessary support for your back. RAR is an exciting chair that combines modern plastic chairs from the American popular culture with a traditional element such as the rocking chair.

  • Untraditional and in a unique style
  • Colours for any décor style – white, black, red, green, grey
  • Manufactured in the environmentally friendly material polypropylene


Environmentally friendly material of Eames' RAR rocker

RAR Eames chair directly originates from the earlier Eames chair DAR. This was originally made of fibreglass, but this is not a recyclable material. In light of the increased focus on sustainability, the manufacturer Vitra decided to stop the production of the chair. In the new and current model of the chair, the shell is manufactured in the environmentally friendly plastic material polypropylene.

This material not only benefits nature, but also provides higher seating comfort, since it is slightly softer and therefore follows the shape of the body more pleasantly. The new production of Eames RAR and DAW, is thus a true example of what popularly is called a win win situation.


Eames' RAR rocker in black, white or brighter colours

You can choose the RAR rocker in black or white if you want a more discreet look. These are the most popular models because they fit into every home and match all colours.

If you would rather have a chair that separates itself from the rest of the home and brings liveliness to the room, you should choose one of the other colours:

  • Green
  • Dark green
  • Orange
  • Light blue

In addition you can also choose a light grey or off-white, if you want a minor variation from the classic. The colour range is extended every time a new edition is launched.

The polypropylene is coloured throughout, and it is thus not merely a surface staining.


The rocker is good for new mothers

A rocking chair is a classic piece of furniture that has been in the home for hundreds of years, and has been a beloved chair for all generations in the family. In a certain period, it can be extra popular – namely for new mothers, who wish to lull their baby to sleep, perhaps while nursing. This was also one of the ideas behind the design of the RAR chair when it was designed by Charles and Ray Eames.


A story tells, that one of the employees at the Vitra factory was pregnant when the chair was produced. Therefore this consideration was taken into account in the design of the chair and it had to be extra comfortable and provide good support. However, the chair is much too popular to only be categorised as a nursing chair, as everyone can enjoy the high seating comfort.


Materials and dimensions of Eames' RAR

The dimensions of the rocker is the following:

Rocking chair dimensions
Height 68 cm
Width 62 cm
Depth 70 cm
Seat height 40 cm

The shell is, as mentioned earlier, made of the plastic material polypropylene, while the rockers are made of oak and set on a wire frame, whose design is inspired by the Eiffel Tower.


Have you considered buying a second-hand model?

If you are very price conscious, you might have considered buying an Eames' chair second-hand instead. There are many sites that sells second-hand furniture, and among them you may also get lucky enough to find the rocking chair or Eames' Lounge Chair. Be sure to check the surface of the shell and that the rocking function works flawlessly.

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

From   €89.00 €449.00