Lamps for table, ceiling, wall or floor

Lamps for table, ceiling, wall or floor

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Are you wondering which PH lamp to obtain for your home? Poul Henningsen's designer lamps are among the most popular in Denmark. In addition to the 'Artichoke', the famous Danish designer, Poul Henningsen, is behind  a large number of other lamps, and here you can read about them. We have gathered information about:

  • Colours such as copper, black, white and other colours
  • Are there cheaper versions?
  • Where can you get the best prices?
  • Second-hand versions
  • Prices of second-hand / replica versions


Many variants of PH lamps

Throughout his long productive career, Poul Henningsen designed several versions of his designer lamps, among others, ceiling, floor, wall and table lamps. Today, they are all design icons in Danish lighting and on this website you can read more about the different types. Are you looking for a PH table lamp, you can read about it here.


Pendants – popular ceiling lamps

From the same three-shade family as the table lamps described above, there are also several ceiling lamps. Some examples are:'3½ - 3', '3/2', '4½ - 4', '2/1', '5 - 4½ ',  'Stem Fitting' and '3/2 Academy'. They all have the unique lighting design with three shades, which provides light where it is needed, for example over the dining table, without glare. The models 'Stem Fitting' and 'Academy' are designed with several three-shade lights put together in accordance to the principals for a chandelier.

PH 5 pendant is one of his most famous ceiling lamps and is virtually the essence of a Danish designer lamp.  It is available in both Classic, as well as a variety of colours; red, wasabi green, army green, pink, mint blue and of course black, grey and white.

'5 - 4½ ' and version '50' are other variants of PH ceiling lamps with same design features and stylish, comfortable lighting.

The pendants can fit over the dining table, which for many people are the place in the home where they spent most time – both for all meals, as well as work and homework. Therefore, it essential having a comfortable light source, which is glare free – and that is is aesthetically beautiful like Poul Henningsen's pendants, does not hurt either.

If you want a small pendant over the coffee table or a side table you could consider the small and elegant 2/1 pendant.

His crowning achievement is the 'Artichoke'.


PH anniversary copper lamp

In addition to the regular PH lamps, there are more rare versions, so called limited editions, which now are considered collectibles. As with other designer furniture and lamps, a special version in limited edition, has been produced on occasion of anniversaries.

As an example, a special version of the 3½-3 pendant was made in copper, in celebration of Poul Henningsen's 120 year birthday. This special copper pendant was available at Louis Poulsen from March 1st 2014 until May 30th 2014, and therefore they are in a very limited number.

The wall lamps PH Hat, PH wall, 3/2, 2/1 and more

You can find PH lamps within the three-shade family in different sizes, such as '3-2½', '3/2' and '2/1' wall. These are variants in the same colours, materials and shade size as the rest of the family, that share the same basic design.

These versions are perfect as bedside lighting or as reading light at the sofa. You ca, for example, choose 'Wall' in bronze if you want a beautiful golden lamp.

PH 'Hat', which he designed in 1961, is another great option for a bedside lighting or for other places.


Stylish floor lamps by Poul Henningsen

Do you need a floor lamp for the living room, office or another room? PH has also designed floor lamps for his three-shade lamp series. You can, for example, consider his  4½-3½ and 3½-2½ 'Floor Lamp', which both are characteristic beautiful, comfortable and functional light sources.

PH 4½-3½ 'Glass Floor Lamp' has following dimensions: Diameter 450mm and height 1250mm.

PH 3½-2½ 'Floor' has the dimensions: Diameter 330mm and height 1300mm.

The floor lamps are, like the other PH lamps, available in black, white, copper, red and other colours, depending on the specific model. They are also available in glass.


Outdoor PH lamps

In this series there are also three outdoor lamps, which are available in copper and other colours.


Compare prices on PH lamps

Poul Henningsen's design icons are rarely on sale, and prices on the originals from Louis Poulsen, are therefore relatively fixed. If you wish to buy them at a cheaper price, you might consider either buying them second-hand or a copy. Below you can read more about second-hand lamps and the options to buy a copy-lamp.

Here we show a price example, so you can compare the prices:

  • Ceiling lamp PH 50 Classic: 4495kr. (£528 / $675) at Louis Poulsen 
  • Second-hand – depends on the current offers on eBay or similar websites

Second-hand lamps

If you wish to buy a second-hand lamp, you should check eBay or e.g., for current offers. You can get lucky and find both second-hand table lamps, as well as floor, wall and ceiling lamps. However, you obviously do not have an guarantee for the condition of the lamps, so check very carefully for scratches in the surface , cracks in the glass or other defects, so you do not have to invest in spare parts afterwards. Make sure to bring a light bulb so you can see the lamp with the light turned on.

We cannot provide exact prices for any second-hand lamps, since this is depending on the model, the condition and the seller. However, they will always be cheaper than a new one, but sometimes the price is no more than 20% less than the original purchase price, and if you have to buy spare parts afterwards, you have not saved much money.

There are no products in this collection.