Snowball lamp inspired by PH

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  • Inspired by Poul Henningsen, 1958
  • Three shades making the light spread
  • 14 days full satisfaction or money back
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PH Snowball

PH Snowball differs from other lamps by Poul Henningsen, as it was not put into production immediately. He designed it in 1958, but it was not until 1983, that Louis Poulsen began to produce the lamp, and it has since become very popular. The Snowball lamp is a beautiful pendant, with a beautiful design of many smaller shades. It is in line with his other lamps and the multi-artist ambition to create glare-free lighting.

• Beautiful multi-shade pendant – the eight shades provide a unique light
• Glare-free lighting by PH
• Ideal as main lighting in smaller rooms
• Colours like white, grey and other models

The story behind the Snowball lamp

Back in 1958, the Snowball lamp was showcased for the first time at an exhibit in Paris and at the Museum of Art & Design. Here it hang next to the more famous PH5 lamp and was at that time not a lamp that was noticed, and it got virtually no attention. Presumably, this is the reason why Louis Poulsen chose not to put the lamp into production. However, 25 years later, they opened their eye to this undiscovered treasure and the production was started, giving everyone a chance to enjoy also this Danish icon.

The name of the pendant, Snowball, is in line with the name of the PH Artichoke lamp, which is also inspired by nature.

Materials and dimensions of the PH Snowball pendant

• The housing is made of high lustre chrome plated, spun aluminium. The small shades have a matt painted undersurface and glossy top surface
• The frame is made of high lustre chrome plated, die cast aluminium
• The shades are made of spun aluminium


•  Diameter: 400 mm
•  Height: 390 mm
•  Cable length: 3 m
•  Weight: up to 3 kg
•  Light source: Choose a maximum of 300W type E27

The Snowball PH pendant provides an exciting, glare-free lighting

Lighting was one of PH’s many and great talents. His vision of creating glare-free lighting was the basis for all his lamp designs, and Snowball is of course no exception. The pendant is constructed with eight pieces of aluminium which forms the shade. The matt undersurface, combined with the many shades, result in an attractive reflection of the diffused light, creating a diffused, pleasant glare-free light. The glossy top surface of the aluminium gives a great overall impression of the lamp when the light is on.

The many small shades ensures that the light is glare-free, but are simultaneously designed in the exact right way to create a uniform light distribution around the pendant. Poul Henningsen has obviously thought the design and all the details through, to achieve the exact lighting effect he had in mind.

When the light is switched on, the top portion is illuminated while the bottom part remains dark, and this makes it appear with a magical and sculptural touch.

Is a second-hand Snowball just as stunning?

You can get lucky and find a nice second-hand PH Snowball lamp, for example, if you make a bid at an auction like e.g. Lauritz. In this case, the price will consequently not be that much cheaper, as if the lamp has defects. If the price for second-hand lamps are set correctly, there will be several scratches and defects, the cheaper you can get the lamp.

Examine the lamp carefully before you buy it. If you need to buy spare parts for the Snowball, you should check the price of these and take this into consideration when calculating your cost.

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