PK22 Chair by Poul Kjærholm

PK22 Chair | Classic Leather

PK22 Chair | Classic Leather

From   €511.00 €1,179.00
PK22 Chair | Premium Leather

PK22 Chair | Premium Leather

From   €571.00 €1,504.00

The Danish designer Poul Kjærholm designed his PK22 chair for E. Kold Christensen in 1956. The chair is one of his first creations, and the profile of the chair originates from his graduation project from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen in 1952. Simplicity and elegance characterize the chair, which not only have had great success in Denmark, but also at least as much internationally, where it also has won awards.

Choose between several different colours

  • Winner of the Grand Prix prize at the Milan Triennale in 1957 (the world's leading design fair)
  • Read here about the chair as new or second-hand
  • PK22 in wicker (woven cane), leather or other variant

Poul Kjærholm's chair PK22 can be obtained in several different variants, which means that you can get the chair in a style that fits in exactly your home. The frame of the chair is made in a satin brushed stainless steel, while the seat can be made in materials such as:

  • Suede
  • Certain leather variants
  • Canvas
  • Wicker

Poul Kjærholm designed the original PK22 model in a tightened double canvas covering or in different leather variants. The colours varied between:

  • black / brown
  • red
  • Indian red
  • off-white
  • cognac
  • light tan
  • walnut
  • nature

Today it is also possible to obtain the chair in the different leather types and canvas in all these colours, as well as a model in wicker.

 Fritz Hansen (who has been in charge of the manufacturing since 1982), recently introduced additional colours for the canvas models: Red, green and black.

However, the frame has been changed since the original version in 1956, where it back then was chromed steel, it was in 2000 changed to be made of satin brushed steel.


Price of the PK22 chair

A new original chair from Fritz Hansen cost around 22.000kr. (£2.660 / $3.385) for the model in wicker, while one in black leather cost around 28.000kr. (£3310 / $4210).

If you buy the PK22 second-hand, you can also save money compared to a new original. It is difficult to give an estimation of the price, as it depends on who and how many have the Poul Kjærholm chair for sale at the actual time.


Where to buy Poul Kjærholm's PK22 as second-hand?

If you are interested in buying furniture copies, you can do this legally in Ireland, where it is legal for companies to sell copies of designer chairs like Poul Kjærholm's, since the copyright law is only 25 years.

There are several auction websites, such as Lauritz, Trendsales or eBay, where you can bid on second-hand designer chairs and get lucky and make a good deal. However, this requires that you have time to keep an eye on the bids and have a strategy so you do not loose the chair in the last seconds.

In addition, you can buy second-hand PK22 chairs on e.g. Gumtree. How much you can save compared to a new chair, depends on the seller and the condition of the chair, You should always check the chair thoroughly before you buy it. Things you should check is:

  • If it is a leather model, has the leather started cracking?
  • On a wicker model, has the braiding started unravelling or has it become loose ?
  • Does the surface of the frame still look nice?
  • Does the chair still feel robust to sit in, or are there some loose elements on the chair (the frame) 

The designer Poul Kjærholm and his chairs

Poul Kjærholm lived from 1929 to 1980. He was originally educated as carpenter in 1949 in Hjørring. Afterwards, he started at the Design School in Copenhagen, from which he graduated in 1952. His graduation project was the chair PK25. It was this chair he in 1956 refined in the details and made more comfortable to sit in, and thus designed PK22 – probably his most popular and successful chair, not least internationally. The lounge chair beautifully expresses Poul Kjærholm's minimalistic design and his use of steel and leather. He clearly had his roots in the traditions for Danish furniture design, and his design was also an expression of the international functionalism. PK22 represents his quest to shape the industrial dimension, and the chair combines the light, minimalistic design with high functionalism. Thus, the chair is enormously comfortable to sit in and fits well with other furniture in the home, including coffee tables and dining tables.


Higher functionalism and comfort

The frame for PK22 has fewer elements than that of PK25, and this has the effect that the chair to a greater extent gives in to the weight of the body when you sit in it. In this way, the shape naturally follows the back and provides optimal support, hence you can sit and relax in contrast to e.g. a sofa.

When designing the chair, Poul Kjærholm was also inspired by Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona chair, designed in 1929. PK22 is far more simple and discreet in keeping with the Scandinavian spirit and the tradition of Danish furniture design, but the immediate profile of the chair recalls the Barcelona chair.


Dimensions of Poul Kjærholm's PK22 chair

PK22 chair dimensions
Height 71 cm
Width 63 cm
Depth 75 cm
Seat height 35 cm
PK22 Chair | Classic Leather

PK22 Chair | Classic Leather

From   €511.00 €1,179.00
PK22 Chair | Premium Leather

PK22 Chair | Premium Leather

From   €571.00 €1,504.00