This statement piece takes a modern spin on the traditional chandelier, with a straight metallic bar attaches the many light bulbs. The Sarfatti Chandlier is supposed to imitate the traditional chandelier and create a similar presence and eye-catching effect. The Sarfatti Chandelier is successful in hallways, living rooms and dining rooms. A more detailed description of the where the chandelier can fit into different rooms and settings in your home can be found below.


Gino Sarfatti

Gino Sarfatti was born in 1912 in Venice, Italy to a rich merchant class family. After his studies at the University of Genoa, he started working with lighting and his company Arteluce became an international success. With eccentric and futuristic productions he created over 400 different types of luminaires. His most famous design is definitely the chandelier with the official name being “2097 pendant lamp”.


A brief history of the Sarfatti Chandelier

In 1958, Flos Lighting introduced the Sarfatti Chandelier to the world designed by the Italian lamp designer Gino Sarfatti. The Sarfatti Chandelier offers unique features that are designed with immense detail which was most likely accomplished through Gino Sarfatti’s education in aeronaval engineering.

There are many places in which one could display the symbolic Sarfatti Chandelier, below are examples of different rooms in your home where the chandelier could perfectly fit.


Sarfatti Chandelier in the living room

In a living room used for family gatherings and special occasion, a statement chandelier is maybe the missing piece to the puzzle. The two images below demonstrate how you can fit the Sarfatti Chandelier in different interior design themes.

The Sarfatti Chandelier in a white themed living room

The Sarfatti Chandelier in a darker toned living room


Sarfatti Chandelier in the dining room

In a special dining room a Sarfatti Chandelier fits in perfectly. With a modern dining table or a traditional wooden table the Sarfatti Chandelier really stands out. Our advice is to use minimalistic decorations when using the Sarfatti Chandelier as a statement piece to hang above your dining rooms table.

A silver Sarfatti Chandelier paired with a wooden dining table as well as white Series 7 dining chairs by Arne Jacobsen.

A lower hanged Sarfatti Lamp over a modern wooden table and contemporary interior design style

Silver Sarfatti Chandelier hung over a modern and chic marble dining table


Sarfatti Chandelier in the hallway

A gold version of the Sarfatti Chandelier in an entrance

A close up of a silver version of the Sarfatti Chandelier in a hallway.


The Sarfatti Chandelier Details

Prior to purchasing the Sarfatti Chandelier, you must be fully aware of all the specific details such as materials, colours and sizes to make sure that it fits into the desired room perfectly, these factors are especially important if your purchasing the Sarfatti Chandelier online. There are two sizes of the Sarfatti Chandelier; the smaller size involves 30 light bulbs whilst the larger size has 50 light bulbs.

The Sarfatti Chandelier with 50 light bulbs in silver

The Sarfatti Chandelier with 30 light bulbs

Both of the sizes are available in two different colours, painted silver or gold.


The specific measurements of the Sarfatti Chandelier

Below are the specific measurements of the Sarfatti Chandelier, prior to purchasing make sure that the desired space is not too small or not too big for the chandelier.

Width: 86 cm

Height: 72 cm

Depth: 86 cm

The materials of the base of the Sarfatti Chandelier include the main material being iron.


Installation of the Sarfatti Chandelier

As the chandelier is installed with a cord pendant, this might be a bit tricky to do by yourself, that is why we recommend you hire a professional electrician that makes sure everything is working correctly.

Sarfatti Chandelier

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