Shell Chair by Wegner – CH07

Shell Chair | CH07

Shell Chair | CH07

From   €415.00 €1,179.00

Hans J. Wegner is behind some of Denmark's most popular chairs, both nationally and internationally. The Shell chair fit nicely into this line of successful Wegner chairs, with its elegant and functional design. The Shell chair CH07 was not instantly popular with everyone when it was introduced in 1963, as many people had to get used to the slightly different design of the shape and the only three legs. However, since then the chair has been very popular, especially after it was relaunched on the market in 1998, after which the chair has won numerous design awards. 

  • Danish furniture design from 1963
  • Cutting edge avant-garde design from Wegner
  • Read about the possibilities to buy a copy-chair at a cheaper price
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  • The Shell Chair CH07 in light and fluid design

Wegner has achieved the CH07 chair's light and fluid expression through the wing-like lines of the chair's seat and back and the curved shape of the conical, laminated legs. The three legs are constructed and placed so that the chair has optimal stability and strength, and is thus a very solid chair despite the flying light expression.

The padded 'shells', i.e. the seat and back section, are curved organic according to the body's shape, so this Wegner chair is also, like his other chairs, made with functionality in mind and is very comfortable to sit in.

Due to the upwards curved shape of the chair seat, the chair is sometimes called 'the smiling chair'.

The chair is often placed with space around it, so it can be viewed from all angles, and the sculptural value can be fully expressed.


The Shell chair's construction

The seat and back of CH07 is made the highest quality form-pressed hardwood laminates (better known as veneered bentwood), with a finish in oiled oak. The two front legs are made out of one continuous piece of laminated wood, and the hind leg in its own piece. The seat and back are available upholstered in either leather or fabric (68% wool, 26% cotton, 6% polyamide)


The shells and legs are steam-bend to achieve the curved form

The Shell of the chair is available in walnut, beech, ash and oak. The finish can be either lacquer or oil.


Dimensions of the CH07

Shell chair dimensions
Height 74 cm
Width 92 cm
Depth 83 cm
Seat height 35 cm


Wegner's Shell chair: Price of original, second-hand and copy

The price for a new original Shell chair starts at around 16.000kr. (£1900 / $2410), depending on the upholstery and wood type.

A second-hand Shell chair will always be cheaper, how much cheaper depends on the condition. If the chair needs to be reupholstered, it should be on the market at a significantly lower price, as the is quite expensive to get done. A copy-chair cost around a tenth of a new original chair.

Design chairs like Wegner's CH07, are rarely on sale, as they have a good and stable market. You have to be more than plain lucky to find the chair on sale with a large discount at a Danish furniture reseller.


Where can you find Wegner's CH07 second-hand?

If you are interested in buying a Wegner's CH07 Shell chair  second-hand, you should check out sites like e.g. eBay, where many people are selling second-hand furniture. Another option is Gumtree. You can also make a bid on the chair if you find it up for auction at e.g. Lauritz.


Can you buy a copy of CH07 Shell chair?

Copies of all designer chairs flourish on the market, and can also be attempted to be resold as second-hand originals, so it is a good idea to be vigilant. It is not legal to sell copy-chairs within Denmark. However, from Ireland it is, so if you find a retailer who sells CH07 copies from there, you can buy it legally.

There are many different copy furnitures on the market, but some are actually high quality replica, so they look surprisingly much like the originals.


CH07 fits perfectly in modern decoration

Wegner's CH07 fits, like many other of the Danish design pearls, perfectly with the contemporary decoration of today. Although the shape and design is so unique, the chair is, at the same time, both timeless and simple. Danish furniture design is indeed a part of modernism's simple form, and the minimalistic and light never goes out of fashion, especially not in the Scandinavian décor. The materials leather and wood are also classic and fit in most homes.

Wegner's Shell chair is ideal as part of  the sitting area, as it has such a high seating comfort. It can also be placed in a corner of the living room with light and space around it, making it a nice nook to sit in at the same time as being a decorative sculpture. You can, for example, put a pillow in the back if you are tired in the evening and want even more comfort. A pillow in the right colour can simply also be used as a decorative effect in the living room. You can combine the chair with Wegner's round coffee table CH008 as they complement each other nicely.


Shell Chair | CH07

Shell Chair | CH07

From   €415.00 €1,179.00