Wood Guide

Wood Guide

Guide To Wood Types

We offer design chairs such as Wishbone Chair, the Chair and other wooden chairs in several versions. If you are not already an expert in wood and know exactly what you prefer, here you can learn about the differences. Indeed, we have compiled a guide so you can make the right choice for you and your home.


During the 1950s and especially in the 60s, it began to be popular making furniture in light woods such as oak and beech. One of the reasons was probably that it was possible to realize the functionalists’ great desire for a brighter home at an affordable price – as opposed to the visually heavier mahogany furniture, which had previously been popular. Oak thus provides brighter furniture and fits perfectly into the typical bright Nordic home. Oak trees are large, strong trees, which typically becomes very old, while the trunk just gets thicker and thicker. Oak is also a very solid material for making chairs that can last for lots of years. Oak wood can often have a slightly rougher structure with more visible growth rings, which can give the wood a touch of rustic look – while the bright wood ensures a light expression. Although they are both in the bright end of the scale, oak is slightly darker than beech.


Beech is another of the light woods, and a little lighter than oak. Beech has a completely neutral smell why it e.g. is the type of wood used for cooking spoons, chopping boards and the like since it does not give off any taste.
Beech offers the very lightest and purest expression of the different types of wood, but with slightly less character.


Ash is a wood species that grows in the northern hemisphere. It is a relatively hard, heavy and solid type of wood. Thus, it is a strong type of wood but remains flexible, which makes it ideal for the furniture carpentry. Ash wood has light brown heartwood and visible medullary rays. If you choose your design chair in ash, you, therefore, get a chair in a slightly darker tone than beech or oak, though without being very dark. The wood grain gives character, as is the case with oak.


There are two varieties of walnut trees. The one used for furniture is called Juglans nigra. The walnuts on this type are not as good as the ones from the ordinary walnut tree, but in return, the wood is of higher quality. This variety grows e.g. in Asia Minor, the eastern part of North America and in several places in Europe. Unlike the lower and nut producing trees that also grow in the UK, this variety can grow to about 40 meters high and the trunk has a circumference of 2.5 meters. The timbered walnut has high flexibility, so it is extremely well suited to bend in the construction of beautiful design chairs. At the same time, it also provides very sturdy chairs. In addition to furniture design, walnut is used for e.g. rifle butts because it has such a high ability to withstand impact. Furniture made of walnut has depth and character, and just as walnuts are oily and full of flavour, the walnut wood is also saturated and full of character, with a light, pleasant scent.

At 122 Design, our walnut design chairs are made of genuine walnut wood, whereas there are several online retailers that merely sell painted walnut. So you can safely choose your walnut Wishbone chair from us if you are quality conscious.


Unless you wish to keep the completely pure wooden look of one of the wood species, as described above, you may consider choosing one of the painted variants.


An oil treatment of the wood gives it a bit more rustic look, but all the wood grain and contours of the wood are still visible. If you want the most rustic look possible, you may want to choose oak, ash or walnut with an oiled finish – but oiled beech is still very bright and light.

Coloured Wishbone chairs and other design chairs

Our painted wooden chairs are painted in an acrylic paint with a protective layer as top coating, which makes the surface remain nice and shiny year after year.

Black paint

The black painted surface gives the wood a classy, stylish and clean look. You are at the same time sure that the surface remains the same, whereas the unpainted wood naturally takes a little colour of light and other factors, as the years go by.

Black-painted chairs provide a less natural expression, but will, in turn, be perceived as more stylish by many people.

White paint

White-painted chairs are classic and stylish like the black, and they have many of the same characteristics. If you want to decorate your home in the all light Nordic style, the white chairs are a perfect choice. At the same time, they can help create an impression of more light and space in your room, so it all depends on the size of your home, the rest of the decor – and of course your personal taste, which of the two will be the best fit.

Woven seats (Wishbone Chair)

The seats of the variants of the Wishbone Chair at 122 Design are handwoven from 120 meters of strong paper cord. This is an extremely durable material, which also slightly forms after the body, providing a high seating comfort. The seat is woven by hand and it can last up to 50 years.

Y-Chair | Coloured wood

Y-Chair | Coloured wood

From   €161.00 €799.00
Y-Chair | Premium Wood

Y-Chair | Premium Wood

From   €161.00 €600.00
The Chair | Finest Wood

The Chair | Finest Wood

From   €348.00 €500.00