122 Design Concept

Why the name

"Rove Concepts"?

To Rove is to wander. To conceptualize is to craft an idea.

We seek to find a pure balance between freedom and being grounded, connecting objects and people into place. This is what designing home is all about. Rove Concepts is our way of bringing home to life.
























The workshop




Our furniture is made in small batches and hand-crafted by our artisan partners around the world. We work closely with them in our exclusive workshops to ensure exceptional quality and fair prices are met for every product and every person in our community. By overseeing our own workshops and shipping directly from them to you, we maintain utmost control and integrity while offering our premium products at cost effective pricing to the masses.









Our company is devoted to crafting the highest quality products on the market. It begins with using the best materials, sustainably certified and marked as the highest grade where possible. Once hand-picked from the top regions around the world, our materials are entrusted to qualified craftsmen who thoughtfully blend old-world traditions with innovative modern techniques. The last step before our products deliver directly to you is a strict three-step quality control process. 







Beyond furniture




Planting just one tree has an enormous effect on everything from the amount of rainfall and oxygen received per annum, to the fortune of a small village in Africa. By supporting reforestation projects such as our partnership with WeForest, you are helping to provide job opportunities and education about sustainable and social living practices for underprivileged communities. And keeping our global climate temperatures in check!