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The Shipping Journey



Our furniture is made in small batches and hand-crafted by our artisan partners around the world. We work closely with them in our exclusive workshops to ensure exceptional quality and fair prices are met for every product and every person in our community. By overseeing our own workshops and shipping directly from our workshops to you, we maintain utmost control and integrity while offering our premium products at cost effective pricing to the masses.  








Our Global Shipping Partners




Your beautiful furniture, are shipping with some of the worldest most wellknownshipping partners. We use them to ensure they always arrive in good conditions. Our prefered partners have more than 100 years of experience handcrafted furniture, as quickly and safely as possible.






Global Partners

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Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV
Ireland, United Kingdom Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal Denmark, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden Faroe Islands, Greece, Iceland, Norway,
United States, Australia,
New Zealand, Japan, Canada



Dine møbler kan leveres med skib og vejgodstransport i hele landet. Når din forsendelse er ankommet, vil din logistikpartner - du har valgt, på dine vegne kontakte dig direkte inden levering for at arrangere en leveringsdato der passer sammen med dig.
Din ordre værdi  Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV
0€ - 100€ 4€ 11€ 15€ 30€
100€ - 250€ 12€ 18€ 30€ 60€
250€ - 500€ 30€ 45€ 60€ 90€
500€ - 750€ 40€ 60€ 80€ 210€
750€ - 1,000€ 60€ 90€ 120€ 270€
1,000€ - 1,500€ 80€ 120€ 210€ 420€
1,500€ - 2,000€ 110€ 165€ 285€ 570€
2,000€ - 2,500€ 160€ 240€ 360€ 720€
2,500€ - 3,000€ 190€ 285€ 435€ 879€
3,000€ - 3,500€ 220€ 330€ 510€ 1,020€
3,500€ - 4,000€ 250€ 375€ 585€ 1,170€
4,000€ - 4,500€ 290€ 435€ 660€ 1,320€
4,500€ - 5,000€ 320€ 480€ 735€ 1,470€
> 5,000€ 350€ 525€ 810€ 1,620€  


Afhentning i Dublin

Du kan hente din bestilling direkte hos os her i Dublin. Vi vil kontakte dig for at arrangere en aftale, hvornår og hvor du kan hente dine varer.

Afhentning i Sydney, eller Auckland

Du kan også hente din bestilling direkte på vores lager i Sydney, eller Auckland. Vi vil kontakte dig for at arrangere en aftale, hvornår og hvor du kan hente dine varer.


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